IP56 heavy-duty waterproof speaker microphone hand microphone, used for two-way radio.
1. Easy and smooth PTT feeling and clear voice quality.
2. A durable 360-degree metal back clip is used.
3. Sturdy, sturdy, strong adaptability, suitable for harsh working environment.
4. Equipped with 3.5 mm jack accessories for connecting headphones to this machine.
5. Long PTT life can withstand more than 200,000 times.
Applicable models: MOTOROLA MOTOTRBO
XPR 3000, XPR 3300, XPR 3500, XPR 3000e, XPR 3500e, DEP550, DEP570, DP2000, DP2400, DP3441, DP2600, MTP3250, Tetra MTP3100, Tetra MTP3150, Tetra MTP3200, Tetra MTP3250, XiR P6600i, XiR P6600i, XiR6 XiR P6620, XiR P6628, Xir E8600, Xir 8608.
Product parameter specification:
Sensitivity 114±3dB
impedance 8Ω/16Ω
Rated output power 1W
Peak output power 2W
Sensitivity -38±3dB
impedance 2.2KΩ
Operating Voltage 1-10V