4G 5G Smart device OEM ODM




In the ID and MD design stage, use professional technical knowledge to conduct detailed disassembly analysis on the appearance and structure design of the product, software and hardware solutions, analyze the product quality, cost, time, resources, and feasibility, etc., to ensure that the product reaches Customers expect the function and cost requirements to improve the success rate of product delivery and market launch.


·Design review

·Prototype review

·Process review

·cost analysis

·Quality review






Provide customized solutions for product appearance design. Through ideas, design analysis based on product market competition, user preferences and usage scenarios, etc., a new product appearance design style definition is carried out, and a landing design based on innovation is realized.


·Market research and analysis


·Concept sketch

·2D size optimization

·3D modeling


Software and Hardware




According to customer needs, analyze the achievability of its product functions, evaluate the software and hardware parameters and design the system scheme. We can provide embedded software, single-chip microcomputer, control, sensing, communication, human-computer interaction, circuit, APP software development, Technical services such as background software development and WEB pages,The scope of services covers the Internet of Things, medical equipment, and new consumer terminal equipment、AI;Industry fields such as facial equipment, game console equipment, and smart advertising players. According to the product function definition and design goals, the overall product development plan is formulated, and each customer is provided with nanny-style technical services.



·Circuit diagram design

·PCB board design

·Test board production

·Functional test






Provide customized services for structural design. According to the product appearance and functional requirements, evaluate the product function definition, feasibility and hardware parameters, etc., and perform slice analysis of the provided hardware or prototype stacking and functions, aiming at the internal basic structure of the product, mechanical functions, software and hardware functions, etc. Carry out mechanism development and structural design, combine the appearance design, manufacturing, assembly sequence, process requirements, and test standards to carry out the overall design of the skeleton construction, disassembly and assembly of the product, determine the materials used, surface treatment processes and quantifiable parts of the product Production evaluation, etc., and finally output structure 3D drawing files, BOM table, structure design description. Ensure that product innovation and design, cost-effectiveness and good human-machine experience are realized under the premise of product function realization and quantifiable production.






Before the product is produced, the appearance process and structure are reviewed, and the appearance prototype or structural functional prototype is produced and verified according to customer needs. The product prototype is presented at the first time, and the possible defects and deficiencies of the designed product are found to verify the product structure and Functional feasibility saves more time and cost for subsequent production.


·Prototype evaluation

·Appearance prototype

·Structural prototype

·Functional prototype

·3D printing






Mold manufacturing feasibility analysis report, mold structure design review, formulation of mold quality standards, mold manufacturing schedule, mold parts processing quality confirmation, mold manufacturing progress control, mold trial follow-up and on-site exception handling, trial sample problem point review, Production of mold improvement materials, mold improvement verification, sample production and sample signing before small batch production


·Mould development

·Mold verification

·Modify the wrong coating






According to the product process, the product manufacturing process is decomposed, the production tasks of each process are issued, the material procurement plan is formulated, the production plan and the delivery schedule are formulated, and the appropriate manufacturing resources are matched. Ensure that the products are delivered within the scheduled time limit, with quality and quantity.


·Order Management

·Progress management

·Material control management

·Quality Management