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Large-scale visual command and dispatch platform SmartEye

Main characteristics

Scalability: a single server can support thousands of devices to access, thousands of clients log in; through server cascading, can achieve any expansion of the system, build a million-level operational video information integrated server network platform; can be integrated into the public network Intercom command and dispatch, video conferencing and other audio and video platform functions;

Security: Five-level user rights design ensures full security of system access; supports regional division and hierarchical management of devices and users;
Support multiple device access, 3G wireless, wired IPC/DVR/DVS/NVR/HVR, decoder, mobile phone transmission, mobile client, etc.; support multi-protocol access; support ONVIF; can access the mainstream code of the market Video monitoring equipment;
Providing rich C/S, B/S WEB SDK realizes rapid integration with the original industry business system, enabling customers to quickly build their own industry client software by stacking wood, realizing business + mobile video integrity System; and support a variety of interface languages, can be quickly embedded in various industry software platforms, such as electricity, public transport systems, etc.; support the rapid customization of various industry services in the form of plug-ins / components; this platform software is 100% neutral, and highly customizable The deployment is simple, flexible and fast, and can be implemented in any public network, private network or local area network;
High stability:
Built-in software watchdog, server running 24 hours a day, providing stable streaming services;

Multiple access support

Distributed cascading expansion:

Provide C/S and B/S software