Video Wall Server Single Module Decoding Function Single Module Encoding Function Single Module Output Single Module Audio Single Module Network Single Function Specifications 1U-12U Chassis Slot

Item No.: TV wall server
Model HSB-JMHDMI2652
Functions and Features
1.Single-module decoding function:
Supports H.265 Main Profile 
Level5.1, H.264 Baseline / Main /High Profile Level5.0, 
MPEG4 SP L0 ~ L3 / ASP L0L5, MJPEG / JPEGBaseline decoding
Single module supports 4 ch 4K/16 ch 1080P /32 ch 720P / 64 ch D1 video decoding;
Supports 4K, 500W, 300W, 200W, 130W and other standard video decoding;
Supports PAL / NTSL other standard formats;
Supports standard ONVIF access;
Supports video RTSP streaming ;
Supports for video file playback;
2. Single-module encoding function:
1 ch supports HDMI 2.0 signal coding ;
Supports the input signal H.264 Baseline / Main / High Profile Level5.1 standard coding;
Supports MJPEG / JPEG Baseline coding;
Supports encoding 1080P, 720P resolution, etc;
When encoding support resolution and frame rate adjustable;
Supports encrypting the encoded video stream;
3. Single-module output
Supports two HDMI2.0 output interfaces; backward compatible HDMI1.3 and other versions;
1 ch HDMI2.0 output supports  3840 × 2160 @ 60fps, 1 ch HDMI2.0 output 1080P @ 60fps;
Single-screen supports up to 36  split display;
4. Single-module Audio:
With 1-channel audio input and 1 channel  audio output;
Supports 16bit voice input and output;
5. Single-module Network:
External with a 10/100 / 1000Mbps adaptive Ethernet port;
6. Single machine function:
By a number of stand-alone modules, equivalent to the integration of multi-function module;
With two USB ports, support for access mouse to control digital matrix, or access the USB storage devices for direct playback of audio and video;
With RS485 interface, support equipment access module;
Specifications 1U Chassis 2U Chassis 4U Chassis 8U Chassis 12U Chassis
Slot 2 6 12 24 36
HDMI Input 4 6-12 14-24 26-48 50-72
HDMI Ouput 2 3-6 7-12 13-24 25-36
RJ45 Input 2 3-6 7-12 13-24 25-36
Size 435.8 x 400 x 43.6 mm 435.8x 400 x 88.1 mm 431.7 x 342.5 x 177 mm 431.7 x 342.5 x 354.8 mm 441.2 x 383.7 x 532.6 mm
Module Output 2*HDMI
Single decoding capability (adaptive) 4*4K/16*1080p/32*720p/64*D1
RJ45 Input 1*RJ45
Audio 1*input(Jack),1*output(Jack)
Input 1*HDMI
Equipment serial port 1*RS485:GND, data+, data-
USB port 2*USB2.0
Extend port 1*RJ45 Cascade port
Power 30W per module
Working Humidity 10% ~ 90%
Working Temperature 20~ +70